Kiwanis Nepal

Kiwanis Nepal do not have the long history. Sujan K. Shrestha, the Charter President of the Kiwanis Club of Kathmandu, Nepal, which holds the distinction of being the oldest club in the Nepal District, played a key role in representing Nepal at both the 2016 International Convention in Toronto and the 2017 ASPAC Convention in Korea. Then after, it grew quickly. Kiwanis Nepal became a Kiwanis Nation from Korea convention with 5 (Five) clubs. It became a Kiwanis Nepal Provisional District on October 2017 with 10 Club Opened. These events not only enriched our understanding of Kiwanis at a global level but also led to a successful bid to host the 2020 ASPAC Convention in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kiwanis Nepal is the fastest growing Kiwanis Nation, and the members are keen ever to extend the bondage by organizing more clubs, increasing more hands and demonstrating more activities in Nepal

In 2018, 10 (ten) clubs opened. Continuously opening with 24 (twenty-four) clubs in 2019, Kiwanis International board approved district status for Kiwanis Nepal and designated as the Nepal District of Kiwanis International at the meeting held on June 26, 2019 of Kiwanis International Board with total 51 clubs and more than 1000 members. As of 2022 end, the number of clubs are around 113 with 2000 approx members.

Registration Details:
Foundation Reg. No. in KTM CDO office: 697
Regd. date: 2073/01/13 (25th April 2016)
PAN No.: 604118338
PAN Regd. Date: 2073/01/26
Social Welfare Regd. No.: 43395
Regd. Date: 2073/02/02


S.NConvention and ConferenceDates
1.Kiwanis Nepal Provisional District Educational Conference-2017  (Hotel Del Annapurna, Kathmandu)1-3 Sep 2017
2.Kiwanis Nepal Mid Year Conference-2018 (Godawari, Kathmandu) organized by KC Kantipur KTM, Nepal. 10 Feb 2018
3.Kiwanis Nepal Provisional District Educational Conference-2018, at Athiti Resort, PokharaAug 31st to Sep 2nd 2018.
4.Kiwanis Nepal Mid Year Conference-2019 at Anupam Foodland, Kathmandu: Coordinated by Tirtha Kumar Singh- Division 3 Lt. Governor.09 Feb 2019
5.Nepal District of KI, Historical District Convention 2019 (Hotel Del Annapurna, Kathmandu)5-7 Sep 2019
6.Nepal District of KI, Meeting of District At Large (Hotel Aloft Kathmandu)19th Sep 2020

Historic ASPAC Convention-2020:

Kiwanis Nepal successfully organized the 45th Asia-Pacific convention held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kathmandu from 5th to 7th March 2020. That was very proud moments to all Nepali Kiwanis because it was the first international level Kiwanis Convention organized by Kiwanis Nepal. We hope, we will able to organize the Kiwanis International convention here in Nepal in near Future.

Our divisions

Here were 7 (Seven) divisions for Kiwanis Nepal Provisional District. Once we became a Nepal District of Kiwanis International, here are 10 Divisions.

List of Divisions

  1. Division-1
  2. Division-2
  3. Division-3S
  4. Division-3N
  5. Division-3W
  6. Division-3E
  7. Division-4
  8. Division-5
  9. Division-6
  10. Division-7