Kiwanis Nepal

Kiwanis Nepal’s long-term plan is to operate training by constructing a Training Academy. Under the Academy, various training institutes are established. These institutes provide leadership training, educational training, and diverse types of training to all that help them (kids) to sustain and be capable.

The prime motive to establish Training Academy is for the welfare of the kids. Likewise, we want the other Kiwanis outside the nation to come and take training. We wish to make this Academy a better platform for all Kiwanis around the world. This academy can also be used for 1/2/3/5- days training camps. Overall, we fully want to utilize this Training Academy by operating numerous training and training setting camps. We all hope that kids get good exposure, learn new things, and be capable on their own. Not only that, the academy can be used as a training center by the government as well. Various government leaders, and employees can participate in the training organized by the government.

For this Training Academy, we have conducted a few meetings with the Dhulikhel Municipality. The Dhulikhel Municipality is also willing to provide lands for the Training Academy for the welfare of the kids. The talks are in progress and hopefully, we get to hear a positive response from there.